Finding New Year’s Inspiration in the Orb-Weaver Spider

The new year is in motion. This month is a clean slate for new beginnings and a defined starting point of a new cycle. Just like in my obsession with collecting empty notebooks and day-planners, January 1st offers the excitement of starting fresh and taking that first step toward realizing our dreams and potential.

This year, stumbles and setbacks aren’t going to be defined as failures. Rather than just reaching an end goal, my focus is on movement and progress. The next twelve months will be about resilience and persistence, creativity and courage.

I’m taking inspiration from the Orb-weaver spider that took up residence in my southwest-facing window. There’s no hesitation in the creative endeavors she’s been tasked. She doesn’t let her silk dry up and harden, paralyzed by fear of failure or challenge. This spider has been gifted with a talent that must be put to use.

What if we all moved with this same understanding of purpose?

How would our lives look if we were able to put our creativity into action without overthinking the potential for failure, the setbacks, or if an audience will justify the effort with likes and shares?

Just like the Orb-weaver spider’s strategy for crafting its web, let’s support each other in: creating strong bridge-lines, constructing strategic anchor points, laying down frame threads, tending to our central hubs, taking time for rest and using the resources and tools at hand to achieve our goals.


What are your goals, affirmations or New Year’s Resolutions for 2019? I’d love to hear what is motivating you in the year ahead!



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