A Meditation on a Skyline

Anyone interested in personal development, understands the ongoing and sometimes obsessive search for insight into being more balanced, healthy and happy. There can be an overwhelming amount of books to read, blogs to follow and Pinterest boards to create to propel us onward toward self-improvement.

But for all the time spent reading and researching, most often what it is really needed is a hot beverage (or cold if that is your thing) and a window with a view.

This isn’t about being spiritual, although I find a good view brings me the closest to whatever that means, or about being philosophical, though windows are usually the entry point to deep introspection.

Staring out onto a skyline is a simple act of personal empowerment.

You are choosing to be still for a moment, to notice the world around you or an inner world begging for attention. A expansive skyline is an opportunity to expand our perspective beyond a computer screen or smart phone. A moment to stare out a window is a reprieve from the tunnel vision of task lists. Even if it’s just for a few minutes.

staring out windows in Portugal



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